June 2, 2001

Well, on the official side of life, we’ve just signed our long awaited publishing deal with Mushroom music (hence Dean’s new DVD). So, be looking out for our songs all over the damn telly!!

Kel’s been getting all creative on yo asses, she’s got a monthly column on Fizzycow, at:

This month it’s on her “3 favourite things”! – my god, you can really find out the dirt on kel here, go get it! Dean’s been getting creative too, after learning who the publishing royalties are really for(!) and he’s written 2 new songs! we’re gonna thrash em out next week.

We were cleaning out the cupboards the other day and came across some juicy little items we’d forgotten about.

Get this: “Fingers and Toes”  7″ VINYL singles
“Static” Frisbees
– yes we have some left, fret no more.

Anyway, there’s only a handful of each, so let us know if yr keen and we’ll work out some kind of mutually acceptable deal.

Oh yeah, one last thing, there’s this band right, called JIMMY EAT WORLD, and they’re fucking stupendously great, and they’re touring here next week. Go see them, please! and tell them we sent you along.

Kel and Tim are doing some kind of weird set at the RAMONES-A-THON here in brisbane, at the Railway Hotel next Saturday the 9th. Lo-Tel were gonna play too, but couldn’t figure out any of the songs.

I reckon that’s about it.

******the feeder*****


June 22, 2001

Here in brisbane there’s this little cafe / bar called Ric’s – they have this thing called the Cheeseboard on saturday afternoons, a low key affair where you rock up and hear someone playing guitar, or even a full band playing. In short, it’s a gig.

This saturday night it’s their one year anniversary show, and Kel and Tim will be playing there at about 9pm (along with quite a few more acts). It’s free too. The old acoustic gigs haven’t been so acoustic lately with quite a bit of electric guitar going on, as well as Ms Lloyd tickling the ivories..! Very nice indeed.

So anyway, that’s that. We’re also playing at the Valley Fiesta on July 14th, our first full band gig in quite a while, needless to say we’re getting all excited already. After that we are gonna be doing short visits to other major cities around this great nation of ours as well.

Dean: decided not to dye his hair this week, and tried a midnight oil drum move at practice this week – for about 5 seconds.

Tim: trimmed the back and sides a bit in the bathroom mirror, got to practice early one night and told the others when they turned up “get a load of this guitar sound” – they all went “aaaaarrrgghhhh!”

Kel: looks after the keys, but can’t figure out the practice room lock.

Lo-tel: minor personalities, – heard em in woollies, (nice) and noticed they were in a commonwealth bank ad too… (top shelf work chaps!!)

*****the feeder*****

screamfeeder explosion

July 7, 2001

OK, Dean’s “too old for TOOL”! – I’m not right into them either. (I’m too old for Lo-Tel.. “teenagers” of the year?? – Please!!)

In other news, we’ve had a remix of “Deletia” done by PONY LOAF – (Shayne the keyboardist from Regurgitator and his mate Dan) – it’s very nice indeed, massive big up yrselves to those guys! We’ll get it up as an mp3 real soon.

Talking of the digital format, this week’s special is “The Singer” – from our last album, fresh and crisp, located at  – give em a couple of days to get it actually on there, but I’m uploading… as we speak. Any other songs anyone wants to hear on mp3 let us know and we’ll get em up for you double quick.

Next weekend is our first gig in a while, needles to say we’re slightly excited about getting loud again, It’s at the Valley Fiesta in Brisbane, on Saturday afternoon (14th) at 3pm, Chinatown Mall. There’s a load of other great bands on all day, Sekiden, Big Heavy Stuff, and Not From There to name a few.. And it’s all free! I reckon there’ll even be food and lager there, and we’re gonna have a couple of surprises too, so you’d be a fool to miss it.

August – we’re going on a little tour, Sydney and Melbourne so far. Dates soon. When we were young, when we were very very young, we released 2 albums called “Burn Out Your Name” and “Fill Yourself
With Music” (amongst others) – I found a couple of boxes of these in the kitchen cupboard, and they still look as good as they did when we released them!

Wanna dig thru our past, discover the roots of the ‘feeder?? Get in quick – they’re not gonna be around long.. those frisbees and 7″ singles went flying out the damn door.

***the feeder***

screamfeeder four, on tour, the law, a score, …and more.

July 13, 2001

OK rememebr the Valley Fiesta this weekend!!! We’re on at 3.00pm in the Chinatown mall. There’s a new kid on the block too, our brand new live guitarist Darek. Come and check him out, he’s most definitely the stuff..!

And here are some TOUR DATES: – we can hardly believe it either.

  • Saturday July 21st – The Sands, Maroochydore
  • Sunday July 22nd – The Miami Tavern, Gold Coast
  • Thurs 26th July – Settlers Tavern, Margaret River WA
  • Fri 27th July – Jigsaw, Bunbury WA
  • Sat 28th – Amplifier Bar, Perth WA
  • Sun 29th – Mojo’s – Freemantle WA
  • Thurs 2nd Aug – Northern Star, Newcastle NSW
  • Fri 3rd Aug – Carringbah Bizzos, Carringbah NSW
  • Sat 4th Aug – Annandale Hotel, Annandale NSW
  • Sun 5th Aug – Headlands Hotel, Wollongong NSW
  • Fri 10th Aug – Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda, VIC
  • Sat 11th Aug – Punters Club, Fitzroy VIC

I think the wonderful YOUTH GROUP will be playing with us in NSW – not sure about the other states just yet; we’ve been calling Lo-Tel at home all damn week.. Dean’s even been getting them at 6.30am when he gets up for work.. I reckon they’re screening their calls.

We had the police round to our practice room last night, don’t worry, we told them we’d be done by 10.00 – they were cool! Quite nice actually (never thought I’d say that, ha!). Kellie told them her name was Mary.. jeesh..talking of Kellie, she’s written another article on something or other (BUST magazine, actually), at: so check it out.

And talking of Kellie, again, she’s only gone and scored herself a Joycam, and a bunch of FREE FILM from the lovely people at Polaroid hasn’t she?! Very Nice indeed. So she’s then gone and made a Joycam gallery where you can check out all her snaps, it’s very good indeed, and as another bonus, anyone who buys cds or t shirts from us over the old e mail will get their own unique and personal Joycam shot – most probably of one or more of the band doin’ something whacky.

well well well, aren’t we busy?!

***the feeder***