Shock Records July 30th 1995

Recorded in a house in Ascot Brisbane by Jon Gardner (aka JonBoyRock) and Shane Herbert in 1995, this is Kellie Lloyd's first solo album.

Originally released on Shock records. in mid 2000s the album became known as "deleted stock" and all remaining CDs were bought by the artist. There are now only a handful of this album available for purchase in original CD format. It is now available as digital download for the first time since its release in 1995.

Kellie Lloyd wrote all songs except Lizzy, which is by the Melvins. Recorded and produced by Jon Gardner,
engineered by Shane Herbert except for Minty, Lizzy and Set To Melt which were recorded by Kellie Lloyd. Album cover art by Monica Syrette and photos by Stephen Booth.
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