Take You Apart Vinyl Re-issue, May 1, 2020

Our 6th album, with singles Bunny, I Don’t Know What To Do Any More, 12345, and Ice Patrol is finally available on vinyl.

Re-mastered and with two bonus tracks the album features a gatefold glossy inner lyric sheet, and the Cyan (blue) vinyl option for the first 100 out of the total 300 copies pressed.

Pre-order your copy now when you buy a ticket to one of the gigs on our national tour in May.

Alternatively grab a copy at one of the gigs. When the tour’s done we’ll open up sales through the site for any remaining copies.

Originally released in January 2004, the album was yet another change in direction for us.

After the lush, layered Rocks on the Soul (2000) we decided to strip things back and go for a straight up sound and approach, writing the songs quickly with minimal fuss.

Recorded and mixed by Magoo and Matt Maddock at Black Box, Brisbane, and Sing Sing and Studio 301, Melbourne.

Remastered for vinyl in 2019 by Byrce Moorhead at Zero Interference. The remaster features the extra dynamics and tonal range that vinyl can offer; it was only mastered for CD originally.