Posted on Feb 13, 2013

In the fine tradition of every single band in rock history who have ever announced a final gig, tour or album, Screamfeeder are back to play a one-off show with BOB MOULD at The Zoo on Friday March 8th.

The facts:

  • September 2011: The band regain all rights to their entire back catalogue and self-release Cargo Embargo, a 40-song B sides collection.
  • October 2011: Drummer Dean Shwereb announces he’s off to live in the UK, indefinitely.
  • December 2011: After a 9 album, 20 year career, Screamfeeder play what is billed as their last gig, with Violent Soho and Tape/Off at Woodland in Brisbane, performing a 23 song set to a packed house.
  • 2012: Kellie releases her second solo album Magnetic North, and Tim’s band WE ALL WANT TO release their second album Come Up Invisible. For family reasons, Dean returns to Australia.
  • Jan 2013: Bob Mould and band announce Australian tour, playing Sugar, Husker Du and Bob solo material. Screamfeeder are suggested as a desired support band. After a month of negotiation the booking is confirmed.


  • I thought they’d broken up: No, when Dean left the country they had to stop playing; they expected it would be for a long time, perhaps for ever – no one knew for sure. Woodland wasn’t a break up gig.
  • Does this mean Screamfeeder are really back? We don’t know.
  • Will they be playing other gigs? Not as yet.
  • What line up will be performing? It’s the classic 3 piece line up of Tim Steward, Kellie Lloyd and Dean Shwereb, which came into effect in 1995 and continued through till 2011.
  • What songs will be played? It will be a full on rock set, with songs spanning a 10 year period, 1993-2003
  • Why did they get the gig? All band members grew up on a diet of American hardcore, punk and indie rock. It would be fair to say that Hüsker Dü is well documented as one of their biggest early influences.