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March 28, 2006

LIVE we’re playing a couple of hometown gigs – ie. in the Valley – over  the next few weeks. The first is at Ric’s in the Valley Mall (how L.A does that sound?!) this Friday night! It’s gonna be fun, The Narcotics are playing too and they come highly recommended. It’s free to get in, the lagers are cheap, you can get up close n personal with us, and as always you can probably pick up a swag of top shelf merch for peanuts.

Tim plays a solo show at the Brisbane Powerhouse Spark Bar on Sunday 2nd April. It’s an afternoon thing, Kate Bradley on around 3pm, Tim on at 4.30. Tim’s solo album is completed and ready for release in may this year.

The next one is at The Rev, on April 15th – Regurgitator are playing, as are the Giants Of Science, The Hard Ons, Sekiden and shitloads of other weapons grade rock bands.

So, to sum up:

  • Friday 31st March, Ric’s. free entry
  • Sunday 2nd April, Spark Bar, Tim solo show, free
  • Sat 15th April, The Rev, (not free, but massive)

DICKIN AROUND It mighta taken us a while to catch on – we don’t get out much – but we are all officially myspace crazy. check it:


Now you can “be our friends” in the true sense of the word – ie chew up our bandwidth with photos you took in the bathroom mirror. Bring it on! Come on, friend us up! It’s a great time waster too, if you didn’t know. We’ve also made it that you can request songs n stuff, it’s excellent.

DEAN Never one to fail us, Dean has found a new hobby. It is adding comments to inflight magazines. His last one was in the Virgin mag, there was a pic of a giraffe. He wrote in something like (in a speech bubble) “Get me a longneck. I’ll give you ‘get me a longneck in a minute asshole”. It was hilarious, perhaps you had to be there. Anyway, if you happen across one of his gems, please let us know! We’ll send you a free t shirt or summin.

NEW We went to practice the other night and started writing some new music, at last. It’s gonna be interesting, we’ll keep you posted.

see you at the ice rink.
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SCREAMFEEDER .. about a boy .. (called Dean)

June 9, 2005

So, we’ve been busy! Just when you thought we’d finally decide to slacken off and go down the pub for a change.

We are playing a show in Brisbane at The Zoo, with a UK band called Black Nielson, on Thursday 23rd June. It’s our first gig in ages, and we’ll be doing all our new songs!

We have a NEW 7 TRACK EP being released on the 4th of July. [there’s something in that.. haven’t worked out what yet..] the EP is called DELUSIONS OF GRANDCHILDREN and features 5 new songs, a cover, an instrumental, and some dogs barking.

Dean came up with the title. It’s a classic example of what we call a “dean-ism”.

Check out the site for more info: there’s lots of info about the EP, lyrics, pics of Dean, everything.

We will be touring in JULY! Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. It’s been way too long, and we’re all gagging to get back out and do some playing.  We’ll send out the exact details when we have them.. soon.  Dean will be coming along (..couldn’t think of anything, sorry).

We’re off to Japan in September, for the first time. It’s pretty exciting stuff, Dean went there last December and in between massive saki sessions and shopping trips managed to take in quite a lot of the place, he reckons it rocks.

We just shot a video for one of the EP songs “Blue” which will be finished within 2 weeks from now, on the site, on the telly, everywhere. It’s gonna look great, the guys at rumblevision know what they’re doing ..kinda. They did the new Pictures clip you mighta seen already.

Dean said “I don’t want to be actually playing in the clip” [he’s over “performance clips”] – and we said OK sure. The night before we filmed we put in the call “Dude, remember to bring your drum kit”.

That’s about it for now.

Be in touch y’hear? ***T/K/D feeder***

Better than the Strokes??

October 22, 2003

SO, this weekend we’re doing the HOMETOWN LAUNCH! Friday night (24th) at The Zoo with local indie rock superstars DOLLAR BAR and IRON ON.

It should be a blast, we’ll be playing the whole album (and then some) and also we’ll be unveiling the all new screamfeeder all star singers – live on stage, for our performance of “you and me” from the album.

It’s something we’ve never attempted before and will blow the roof off the place! Get there early.More details:

We had a great trip to Perth, thanks to all the fanatical folks who showed up, you all rock. Thanks also to great bands The Nordeens, End of Fashion, Red Jezebel, Grand Central and Alaska, who played with us.

The funniest moment of the tour was when Dean, feeling like a god, enjoying his first beer of the afternoon, pulled his phone out of his pocket.. in the spa. It was brand new too, he wasn’t particularly happy. The album’s being received very well, “4 stars in the rolling stone”, and 4 stars in a huge two column review in Brisbane’s Courier Mail, alongside a half column, 3 1/2 star review of the new Strokes album. (don’t get me wrong, I like the Strokes).

See the site for the review (soon).

The new Sekiden album “Junior Fiction” is all killer no filler, more than can be said about a lot of local albums recently.

See you all at the bar, at the Zoo!!