SCREAMFEEDER, news from the front

June 18, 2007

Hi Everyone,

SCREAMFEEDER have been a little quiet of late, (you might have noticed) with Tim and Kellie diverting their energies towards their various side projects (Tim’s solo album, The Warm Guns, THE WHATS, White Mansions).

All that, and an amicable splitting with long time drummer and all round DUDE Dean Shwereb could have signaled a serious move to the back burner for the ‘feeder.

But Tim and Kellie have always maintained that they’re “in it for a long time, not a good time” – after all they have an 8 album, 15 year pedigree together – and they have now re-grouped, bringing on board the drumming skills of one Steph Hughes (ex Wellingtons, and Children Collide) to complete the new look ‘feeder Mk III!

We are going in for a recording session this week, our first new songs since Delusions of Grandchildren came out!

Screamfeeder’s first gig of 2007 will be the Queensland Music Festival’s PIG CITY, a one off even celebrating Brisbane music from the 70’s through to the current day, featuring an awe inspiring line up including the (original) Saints, Regurgitator, The Riptides, The Ups and Downs and many more.

The line up for the day is a specially selected cross section of artists who have contributed to the evolution of Brisbane’s amazing music scene through the years. Along with Custard, Screamfeeder were considered the earliest pioneers of Brisbane’s massive indie rock wave, which dominated airwaves throughout the 90s.

A once off celebration of Brisbane, the gig will take place at the University of Queensland on July 14th. Tickets are available now from here.


Screamfeeder are hitting Melbourne for three nights in late July, you better stoke the fires for us:

  • Wednesday 25 July – the Tote with Good Intentions + guests
  • Thursday 26 July – C’mon C’mon at the Evelyn with Even, Nick Murphy & Shylo and the Warm Guns
  • Saturday 28 July – The Espy with Little Red, Oh Mercy and Warm Guns.

COLD? WARM! We have a few of our awesome hoodies left from last winter but we’re not gonna drag them around to gigs with us, so be quick! They’re $55.00 post paid (australia)  $65 for o/s customers.

We got an e mail from the US Coast Guard the other day, they’d found ICE PATROL and wanted some copies on CD. They sent us some of these cool stickers too. check out the real Ice Patrol!

Pig City

May 2, 2007

This one’s gonna be good! We are playing Brisbane’s cultural event of the year.. no, DECADE. The official gig to accompany Andrew Stafford’s incredible Brisbane Rock History book from 2005.


Yes, reformed for the first time ever, Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper (and the other 2) will play. Also on the Bill, Regurgitator, Ups and Downs and a whole host of Brisbane luminaries past and present.

SAT 14th July, University of Qld, St Lucia. Tickets on sale May 19th.

We are recruiting STEPH HUGHES (Ex The Wellingtons amongst other claims to fame) to play the drums for us for this special event. A late weekend in July is also on the rock calendar.. also another show or two round Brisbane. details soon.

Screamfeeder // QLD // October

October 18, 2006

First up, thanks to all the wonderful people of Sydney – yes ALL of them!

Look at some of the lovely things Sydney says about us: “Have you any idea of what a significant role you guys have played in my development as a human being? I am grateful to you all …Bridge Over Nothing accidentally came on first – and that was my watershed moment. Still my favourite song ever.”

“Sydney loves you so much the sky almost started crying when you flew out this morning.”

There’s plenty more where that came from too.. I’m thinking we should run for premiership down there, we’d blitz it!  Better start sending in your political reform requests now I reckon.

Joking aside, we play Brisbane this weekend – at Ric’s – possiby one of our favourite venues in the whole city (well, the Valley). It’s Free, Intimite, Loud, and Fun! Supporting is BATRIDER from Melbourne. By all reports they are “Ace”, “Tops” – etc.

So that’s Friday 20th October.

Keep an eye on our myspace page this friday for an announcement re this gig. We are heading upo into the wilds of North Qld in December.. but we’ll blabber on about that soon.

We will see YOU, at the bar. Mine’s a Bloody Mary, Dean will have a Corona, and get Kel a glass of Red. [please]

tim / kel / dean // feeder

Screamfeeder // NSW // October

October 6, 2006

We haven’t been south of the border for too long. Come and see us in Wollongong and Sydney (if you live in that part of the world anyway)

The line up at Rebel Rebel could be slightly different, latest to hand is that it’s still The Pharaohs, but now DTS and The Whiskey Go Gos are on too. We are giving away 2 double passes to the Rebel Rebel show, first people to get back to us will win it.

We will see you where we always see you, at the bar.
Looking forward to it, tim / kel / dean // feeder