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WE ALL WANT TO is Tim’s other band. It’s been a long and strange journey since about 2009 when the “Tim Steward Band” finally found themselves with a set of new songs and 5 members who liked each other enough to go about the place playing them.

The line up has always been very fluid, but has revolved around Tim, drummer Dan McNaulty and vocalist/percussionist/guitarist Skye Staniford. Scott Mercer (Bass) and Arron Bool (Guitar) complete the current line up. The band has four albums out, the latest being 2019’s ON THE DOTS.

Sounding not a million miles from Screamfeeder they have the male/female vocal interplay, the upfront guitars and the twistin’ and turnin’ songs.. but it’s different people playing the instruments so it will never sound like a Screamfeeder facsimile. And we wouldn’t want it to.