Posted on Jun 2, 2001

Well, on the official side of life, we’ve just signed our long awaited publishing deal with Mushroom music (hence Dean’s new DVD). So, be looking out for our songs all over the damn telly!!

Kel’s been getting all creative on yo asses, she’s got a monthly column on Fizzycow, at:

This month it’s on her “3 favourite things”! – my god, you can really find out the dirt on kel here, go get it! Dean’s been getting creative too, after learning who the publishing royalties are really for(!) and he’s written 2 new songs! we’re gonna thrash em out next week.

We were cleaning out the cupboards the other day and came across some juicy little items we’d forgotten about.

Get this: “Fingers and Toes”  7″ VINYL singles
“Static” Frisbees
– yes we have some left, fret no more.

Anyway, there’s only a handful of each, so let us know if yr keen and we’ll work out some kind of mutually acceptable deal.

Oh yeah, one last thing, there’s this band right, called JIMMY EAT WORLD, and they’re fucking stupendously great, and they’re touring here next week. Go see them, please! and tell them we sent you along.

Kel and Tim are doing some kind of weird set at the RAMONES-A-THON here in brisbane, at the Railway Hotel next Saturday the 9th. Lo-Tel were gonna play too, but couldn’t figure out any of the songs.

I reckon that’s about it.

******the feeder*****