Here in brisbane there’s this little cafe / bar called Ric’s – they have this thing called the Cheeseboard on saturday afternoons, a low key affair where you rock up and hear someone playing guitar, or even a full band playing. In short, it’s a gig.

This saturday night it’s their one year anniversary show, and Kel and Tim will be playing there at about 9pm (along with quite a few more acts). It’s free too. The old acoustic gigs haven’t been so acoustic lately with quite a bit of electric guitar going on, as well as Ms Lloyd tickling the ivories..! Very nice indeed.

So anyway, that’s that. We’re also playing at the Valley Fiesta on July 14th, our first full band gig in quite a while, needless to say we’re getting all excited already. After that we are gonna be doing short visits to other major cities around this great nation of ours as well.

Dean: decided not to dye his hair this week, and tried a midnight oil drum move at practice this week – for about 5 seconds.

Tim: trimmed the back and sides a bit in the bathroom mirror, got to practice early one night and told the others when they turned up “get a load of this guitar sound” – they all went “aaaaarrrgghhhh!”

Kel: looks after the keys, but can’t figure out the practice room lock.

Lo-tel: minor personalities, – heard em in woollies, (nice) and noticed they were in a commonwealth bank ad too… (top shelf work chaps!!)

*****the feeder*****