Whoops, almost forgot to plug this week’s gig.. what was I thinking?!OK Tim and Kellie are doing a show at the Zoo, in Brisbane, tonight (thursday)!

We’ll be doing a bit of everything, half acoustic, half electric, half keyboard, half soloing, half as a duo, half happy, half sad, half up, half down, half old, half new, half peaches n cream, half blue..it should be a fun riot.

What else? H Block 101’s new album “Burning with the times” is out on may 28 – that’s next monday. It’s a bumper package of 2 discs, 22 songs all for 22 bucks. It’ll fulfill all yr damn punkin’ desires too.. so don’t be silly, just get it.

Come round to Dean’s place, he’s getting a DVD soon!!

Come round to Kel’s, she’s tidied up.

Come round to Tim’s – ever wanted to see a splatter movie? there’s blood everywhere, Tim’s still a bit of a handyman, but he ain’t quite the glazier he thought he was.

*the feeder*