Posted on May 6, 2003

So the new album is in the can. We laid the trax to wax. We’re a walkin’ talkin’ hit factory. We write the songs, the whole world sings ’em. More cliches than you can shake a stick at, but the fact remains that OUR NEW ALBUM IS FINISHED! Details, check the site:

We’re gonna get the next single “I Don’t Know What To Do Any More” out in the next few weeks.We’re off on tour late May / early June with label pals Intercooler.

And we’re playing in Byron Bay this Friday night!It’s gonna be a kinda special show, the first gig doing a lot of the new songs in their “final” formats. So come along to the Great Northern Hotel and join in the fun.

So there I was in the studio thumbing through old Rolling Stone mags, and how many pictures were there of “the guy from lo-tel‘ were there? But how many pictures of him lugging OUR GEAR were there?? None! I’m gonna e mail R.S. some pics of the band doing our dirty work for us, making our packed lunches for the road, ironing Dean’s best trousers, taking the ham out of Kellie’s sandwiches for her, putting our forms in while we’re on tour, and helping Darek clean up after his Livid “performance”. Nice one lads.

More news coming soon, much much more news.

see you all at the bar.

*Kellie “just because you’re loud doesn’t mean you’re right”
*Tim: down and out but not down
*Dean: a lover not a fighter
*Darek: a farmer not a lover