We’re on tour! here are the dates:


  • Friday May 23rd – The Zoo, Brisbane


  • Friday May 30th – Vic on the Park, Sydney
  • Saturday May 31st – Narrabeen Sands Htl Sydney
    Both with Ritchie and the Creepers (Ritchie, ex Tumbleweed)


  • Thursday June 5th – Duke of Windsor, Melbourne with Neon
  • Friday June 6th – The Tote, Melbourne with Faker
  • Saturday June 7th – Critereon Htl, Warnambool
  • Sunday June 8th – National Hotel, Geelong

All shows are with Intercooler. they’re a bunch of Brisbane guys who dress smart day and night, it seems. We can only manage nights, and that’s only occasionally too. Their music’s pretty bloody smart too. They know how to turn it on, put it on, put out, put it back, pull it in, all that stuff!

So this will probably be the last tour before the album is out, so it’s gonna be a lot of fun. ie see us now in a nice intimate venue, before we become megastars and only play the arenas. Last chance! We have new shirts, new cds, it’s all happening. check the site, or just come to the show!! No, i’m serious, really, come to the gigs, it’s gonna be cool fun.

In other news, Dean had his birthday and went out to J Mascis and got suitably “entertaining”, as always. He’s been getting a bit creative since gaining a year too, and has even been inventing a bit of his own stage fashion at home.. he’s on fire, ladies and gentlemen. Jeesh, one of these days, some lucky woman, somewhere around the country.. oof.

The rest of us are ok, just doing our thing, y’know.

We were talking about Superjesus calling their new album Rock Music tonight. Laugh? I almost pissed myself.

See you ALL up at the bar – who knows, maybe we’ll buy YOU a drink this time!
tim / kel / dean / darek feeder

oh yeah, the computer was practically ruined by viruses this week, and they have sent themselves out to everyone in my whole address book. [not the kind of behavior you’d expect eh?] So be vigilant, be aware, and keep ’em clean folks, keep ’em very very clean.