OK. So, we’re off to Melbourne to record the other half of our new album. Let me tell you know it’s gonna be our best ever, just so you know.

See the site for more details: http://www.screamfeeder.com

And of course, whilst in town we couldn’t resist getting a gig too, so you can stop nagging us you damn Victorians.

Here are the details: Sunday 13th AprilThe Green Room downstairs, 33 Elizabeth St, in the City with special guests:Treetops, Slinkee, and MCFM. It’s gonna be an indie rock extravaganza. Get in early.

We mastered our new single “I Don’t Know What To Do Any More” on Tuesday in Sydney, and it sounds damn fine. For the b sides we got 3 old songs remixed! The best is “Above the Dove” which has been given the full 80’s electro-rock treatment by genius remixers SoYouHaveLife. Also on there are versions of Stopless and Low which I did at home.

We do actually have heaps of great demos of our new songs lying around the house, but you ain’t gonna hear em before the album’s out! (when they’ll be used for bulk b side action).

Let’s see if anyone in Melbourne can think of anything original to say about Dean’s new tattoo (black arrow down arm. Very postmodern, arty, very Dean). *He’s heard all the “have you forgotten where your knob is mate?” comments a hundred times already.

Darek’s trying to come up with a tattoo idea too, can anyone help him?!

OK we’ll see you at the bar, of the Green Room. Wish us luck with recording.

*Dean – the grumpy driver
*Darek – the professional driver
*Kellie – the pile driver
*Tim – the screwdriver

*the ‘feeder