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Dec 1, 2016

It’s been a long time between releases ..but we’re back, with a whole album of new songs.

Super exciting news: We’re heading into the studio to record our eighth album! After regrouping in 2015 our back catalogue was re-released on vinyl, which kicked off a series of new singles and national tours.

Visit: Screamfeeder at PledgeMusic.com

The reaction was better than we could have imagined, giving us the impetus to go back into the studio.

We really want to thank all our fans who have been so enthusiastic that we’re back gigging and making new music. So we decided to join up with PledgeMusic to offer exclusive items and experiences ahead of the new album’s release (scheduled for April 2017). Pledge to pre-order the album now!

You can get involved with the process and keep up with our progress across the whole project, and of course get your ears around the tracks way before they’re actually released. We can’t wait for you to hear them.

Check out what you can pre-order!

  • The album in your choice of format
  • An exclusive t shirt
  • A bottle of Screamfeeder wine
  • A custom guitar pedal
  • Our studio charts
  • Hand written lyrics
  • Your name in a new song
  • Your name on the album credits
  • Your own personalised song recording
  • A guitar lesson
  • Attend our launch party
  • A gig at your house
  • The digital download is included with all exclusive offers and you’ll get updates and studio fotage as it happens

We’re recording with Darek at his own studio – The Shed, where Violent Solo recorded their last two records. We’re getting the songs mixed by Darek, as well as Paul Kolderie (Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr), Dave Downham (Beach Slang) and Brad Wood (pretty much everyone.. Something for Kate, Liz Phair, Veruca Salt and tons of others).

The album will be out in March 2017 and we’ll see you on tour mid year. Thanks for helping us make this happen!

Tour Dates and Tickets

Sep 23, 2016

We’re heading out on tour in early November. It’s going to be a quick run – only 5 dates!

Tickets are on sale now here and we’re offering a bunch of value-bundles, you know, you get a t shirt or a slab of vinyl along with your ticket purchase. There’s also a tour-only CD version of Karen Trust Me, which includes all four songs from our last two singles. It’s a small run and they won’t be repeated.

We can’t wait to get out there and see you all again, it’s been too long. It’s always been too long, we miss you~!


Karen Trust Me

Sep 21, 2016

To celebrate third new single release within the last 9 months we’re heading out on tour again! We can’t wait, the response last time was awesome. Check out the single KAREN TRUST ME here.

Download from Bandcamp here.

Download across iTunes, Spotify, Google etc here.

Tickets on sale Friday 23rd Sept, and more info soon!

All Over It Again

Jun 13, 2016

Here’s the new single!

We shot a “Performance clip” last week – Kellie was convinced to sing into the camera, a rare treat these days! Then Tim’s hard drive with the footage on it CAUGHT FIRE. So that one’s on hold ’till we hear back from the data recovery people. Radio is starting to grab the song already, so we put this together for your enjoyment..!

Photos by Stephen Booth mainly, along with Window Syl, Sophie Howarth, Emma Harm, Jeff Ram Photographer, Jo Bell and some other people we’ve forgotten *sorry.

Song recorded at The Shed Recording Studio by the awesome Darek Mudge. Mixed by Wayne Wp Connolly and mastered in the hood by Bryce Moorhead. Thanks to those fine folks.

The song is OUT SOON, through Melbourne’s poison city records. If you want to get your hands on the song sooner than soon, the launch gig is 2 weeks away and if you pre buy a ticket you can download a copy FOR FREE.

Screamfeeder, Budd, Walken & The Bear Hunt at The Zoo

Grab your tickets here.