1988 - 1990 self-released

HEAVILY influenced by REM, Husker Du, The Smithereeens, Stems, Beasts of Bourbon, and other late 80s guitar acts, The Madmen was Tim's pre-Screamfeeder band.

The Madmen operated between 1988 and 1990 - in that time building up a big fanbase in Townsville where they lived, and Brisbane - by repeated touring. The band released 4 slabs of vinyl:

  • 1988 - Almost Past Caring 7" on grey vinyl
  • 1989 - Thunderegg EP 12" - 6 songs
  • 1989 - Tower / End Of This Day 7"
  • 1990 - Cool Kinda Kid / Walking Through the Village

These came out on 2 labels, Brisbane's Bent Records as well as Tim's own Stone Groove. Recorded in Brisbane and Townsville studios, these records show a band in its infancy; they sound innocent, naive, fresh and young. The playing and singing aren't perfect but the songs are simple, direct, to-the-point energetic pop songs.

The line up was Tim on guitar and singing, Tony Blades on drums, and Cameron Hurst on Bass.

We released these songs as well as a few later tracks which bridged the Madmen/Screamfeeder transition on 7 Year Glitch, and one or two ended up on Flour - either re recorded or not. Here they are as a (slightly remastered and better sounding) set of the recordings we released on vinyl only.

This is the last batch of these rare releases, once they're gone, they're gone.

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