Screamfeeder live at rock festivals

December 5, 2000

OK.We’re playing at HOMEBAKE this weekend in Sydney, at the Domain. We’re on at 2.15 at the Juice Stage.

(It was gonna be Lo-Tel’s spot, but they chickened out, thank god.)

We then hop back on our private jet and head back to Brisbane for the 4ZZZ 25th anniversary gig that very same night, and the all ages one the next afternoon (Sunday). The gigs are taking place at the Arena, and feature Regurgitator, and a whole bunch of Brisbane bands from across the years. It’ll be a joyous occasion indeed, plenty of celebrations going on. You can read whatever you like into that, it’s 11 in the morning and I’ve got a cold, I’m making this up as I go along, bear with me 🙂

Another thing, we’ve just been added to the Gold Coast BIG DAY OUT line up. Sunday 21st January. We’ll be on right before Limp Bizkit on the main stage, most probably.

Cheers to everyone who came and saw us in Toowoomba, Brisbane, and ….. ahhh yeah ok, the Gold Coast.. the gigs were very good fun indeed!! We haven’t been practising at all lately, and let me tell you, it’s PAYING OFF!!

Don’t forget to vote for us at JJJ’s hottest 100:

Thank you. Over n Out, tim/kellie/and Dean = screamfeeder


January 29, 2001

We’re doing ONE show in Brisbane, next Saturday, the 10th, at the Healer (in the valley) ! It’ll be us, and Watership Down, and Pale – both those bands have excellent songs and create beautiful moods… all ready for us to get on stage and shatter with our slightly less than subtle delivery.

Oh well, it’ll be a roller coaster ride of an evening! Get there early I say.Just a quick reminder, NSW this weekend: Thurs Newcastle, Fri Hopetoun, Sat Caringbah.

The jury’s verdict is in, after counting up all yr requests we’ll finally have a few different songs in the set this time round too, it’s gonna be very interesting!

Adelaide and Melbourne, we’re coming, hold on. 2 weeks!!Cheers to everyone who voted for us in the hottest one hundred, we actually did score a high ranking spot, but returning the favour that they did us by chickening out of Homebake (thus giving us their spot), we decided to forfeit our hot100 spot to Lo-Tel.

They deserve it we think, that video of theirs is just too beautiful! Most underrated band in the country? we think ..not.

OK now I got that out of my system, it’s time to hit “queue”.

see y’all.tim/kel/dean/mike ** screamfeeder

To the airport!

February 14, 2001

Ok, well we’re gonna get up at 4.00 am on Thursday to come to Adelaide and play loud fast rock shows with H BLOCK 101. (What about Lo-Tel, getting up to drive us to the airport (virgin terminal please driver!) – fuck they’re sweet guys! 3 cheers!)

Do we ever stop? No! we’re tough guys. Melbourne too this weekend, supports: Origami (electronic pop) and Nokturnl (rock rap..phew, talk about covering all bases) at the Evelyn, and the punkin’ H BLOCK again in Ballarat.

We’ve been practising Close Again all week – it’s not very exciting playing the one song all night long again and again, but it means we can finally do it live, which is very NICE!

See you at the bar ~ tim/kel/dean n mike feeder

oh yeah! –
What about checking out while yr sitting around on line waiting for that mp3 to download? It’s an ace site, full of Brisbane Pop bands. God, they’re lovely!

Check out the revue they wrote on our gig on saturday night:

Screamfeeder @ The Healer, 10 February 2001

Mark: Jo and I arrived right at the start of the Screamfeeder set so we missed Watership Down and Pale. This is a real shame since I really wanted to see Pale, it’s great to see them getting some regular shows again.

Jo: Yeah, what a great line-up! Screamfeeder were very very rock indeed, your regular energiser bunnies.

Mark: Tim spent more time off the ground than on it!

Jo: …Kellie made up for that toward the end of the set though. But they still didn’t stuff anything up! The material from ‘Rocks on the Soul’ sounds great live, I have a good feeling about this. They’re sounding really polished, and the kids were shaking their tail feathers with abandon. Everything about the performance made me smile, and my ears are still ringing. Surely now is the time for Screamfeeder to be massive.

Mark: Yeah, but my ears ring all the time anyway.

Jo: Yes dear you are very rock too…

Mark: The extra guitarist really fills out the live sound, but really can’t match Tim for rock moves though.

Jo: I thought I was going to be sconned by his tele there for a bit. The consummate professional though, for all the bouncing and thrashing he still kept an eye on the amp mike. They’ve got quite the collection of spunky guitars going on too, good to see the rockness stopped short of injuring them too badly. My highlight for the night was hearing HiCs and Triple Hook end on end (just like on the EP). ‘Domino’ is still in my head too….

Mark: Stopless was interesting, featuring a sampled drum loop with Dean drumming along after the first few bars (as per the CD). It suddenly made me think of My Bloody Valentine, especially with Kellie’s vocals over the top.

Jo: Yeah, I’m really impressed by how far Kellie has come from the days of Rock Against Work in the early 90’s. You go girl! And I’d forgotten how good a drummer Dean is… I think we can officially say that Screamfeeder went off.

Mark: Like prawns in the sun?

Jo: Erm, like veteran rock-piglets on the verge…

Another thing, vote for f.a.q in the logies in the light entertainment category. I’ve been told this, I don’t have a telly so i’m acting in good faith.

Down the pub with Sekiden

February 21, 2001

Well well well!!! What about Sydney eh? We even bumped into Sekiden down the pub! Cheers to everyone who came, we had a lot of fun.

The next thing we do is play The Healer, in Brisbane (in the valley). It’ll be cool, Watership Down are on, and Pale too. It’s this Saturday night – keep it free! Put it in yr organisers, or on yr mobiles or yr foreheads – whatever.  No, seriously though, do come, I’ve got a good feeling about it. That means something, I think it means it’ll ROCK.

Our next single Mr Tuba is out any second, and the Stopless clip has been on Rage apparently (we were busy down the pub with Sekiden)

We’ll be in Adelaide and Melbourne in a week and a half, dates to follow..!

And we’re still trying for the lo-tel support on their next tour, damn!! I wanna peek in their dressing room..