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Screamfeeder, Brisbane: export-grade indie rock since 1991

Welcome to Pop Guilt!

Apr 24, 2017

The album is well and truly out! Thanks everyone for so much help and encouragement getting this one together..

Some great reviews coming in already:

25 years into their career, Screamfeeder are still killing it. Thankfully Brisbane’s Screamfeeder have never been very good at breaking up, and 25 years after their debut, Flour, they’re still writing career-best songs. Screamfeeder pour a lifetime of indie-rock experience into this collection of blissed-out punk songs. They may not have achieved the chart success of fellow Brisbaneites Regurgitator, Powderfinger or Custard, but their records have held up better than those of their peers. Pop Guilt is big, brash and shiny guitar music that will take you back to the Nineties. Think Hüsker Dü and the Go Betweens smashing heads with the Pixies and Dinosaur Jr and you’d be in the right ballpark. Matt Coyte, Rolling Stone May 2017

Twelve years since Screamfeeder’s sixth album Take You Apart, this long underrated Brisbane band have slowly reintroduced themselves to audiences through a series of reissues of their first five records, followed by three new singles. Those earlier albums have stood up well and Pop Guilt keeps them excellent company. Singer/guitarist Tim Steward has kept himself busy with his other outfit We All Want To, and some of that band’s charm has rubbed off here: he’s in fine voice on the fizzy rush of Got A Feeling and the chugging drone of Falling. Bass player Kellie Lloyd has a more prominent role than before, taking the lead on five of the album’s 12 tracks, including the first two singles Alone In A Crowd and All Over It Again, and the addictive Shelter. The band’s reference points are worn loud and proud – the twists and turns of Alone In A Crowd have an unmistakable Pixies crunch; Sonic Souvenirs recalls early Sebadoh, and the shadows of Swervedriver and Hüsker Dü hover throughout. But Screamfeeder are peers of those bands, not pale imitators  ..there’s no guilt here, only pleasure. Andrew Stafford, The Age / Sydney Morning Herald, 27 April 2017

Here’s our clip f0r the album-opener HALF LIES.

See you at the gigs over the next few weeks..

We’re beyond happy to unveil our new album POP GUILT

Mar 1, 2017

To be released on April 21 on ABC / Four Four in Australia, and in America and Europe in June through Rogue Wave Records, a brand new imprint of Ripple Music.

You can hear the whole thing on our bandcamp.

And pre-order on itunes and via your fave retailer here now.

Our 7th proper studio album, and the one released after the longest break we’ve ever had.

10 brand new tunes from us, as well as last year’s 3 singles, All Over It Again, Alone In A Crowd and Karen Trust Me.

We recorded the album at The Shed, in Brisbane, late 2016, with Darek Mudge as chief engineer. We then divided up the songs between 5 mix engineers to get some diversity in sounds and styles..

  • Half Lies & Making It Up mixed by David Downham at Gradwell House Recording, NJ.
  • Got A Feeling, Regrets & Sciatic Heart mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie at Camp St Studios, MA.
  • All Over It Again mixed by Wayne Connolly at The Neve Room, Sydney.
  • Sonic Souvenirs, Alone in a Crowd, Not Afraid & Going To California mixed at The Shed by Darek.
  • Falling & Shelter mixed by Brad Wood at Seagrass Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Band and front cover photography by the awesome Stephen Booth.

We’re going on tour to celebrate. Details and ticketing: