Well, it’s voting time again, this time on 4ZZZ’s hot 100 for the year. We’ve done very respectably on their chart before. Entries close Christmas Day and the count down begins on New Years Day. Anyone can vote, but one lucky subscriber who votes will win a double pass to the Big Day Out – oof!!  You can pick up a voting form from Rockinghorse,  Skinnys or 4ZzZ studios – 291 St Pauls Tce, or if you’re not lucky enough to actually live in the fine city of Brisbane you can email your entry to or fax on 07 3252 1950.

How about that?! The songs we’ve had out this year are Stopless and Mr Tuba – you choose which one tickles your fancy the most.

Our video page has been re vamped – check it out via our site, or directly, at: http://homepage.mac.com/bretto

You can see videos for: Hi Cs, Triple Hook, Above the Dove, Stopless, Gravity, and Fill Yourself With Music!  Mega thanks to the amazing Brett for doing it for us!

My solo recording now finished, I’m now waiting to mix it all, which will happen in December. I recorded 7 songs, with the help of some real musicians, who played real instruments, such as piano, cello, saxophone and more. Dean Shwereb even whacked the drums. (I played the drums on a bit of one song, totally awesomely, as you’d expect. I was a bit of a joke setting the kit up though, didn’t know how to do it.. I put the pedal on the front of the kick drum I was so excited!)

I’m playing a solo show at Ja Ja’s Lounge in MacLachlan St, in the Valley, next Wednesday night (5/12), along with a couple of other dudes. I don’t get quite so nervous these days, the last show at Ric’s, I actually had fun! I usually dig out a couple of obscure ‘feeder numbers, a few covers, a bit of other random stuff, it’s all very good ..Sheesh, have I talked it up enough already..? maybe not quite.. it’s almost SOLD OUT, get there EARLY!!!

  • Kellie’s been off in the bush all week, we welcome her back to the fold.
  • Dean’s been good, but he’s thinking of cycling to work (about 30 K away) so we’re a bit worried.
  • Darek’s been taking everyone’s gear apart trying to “copy it”.. a bit worried about him too actually.

The feeder.. we live, for ** you **