Greetings from all at camp feeder, we’ve been very busy lately writing new songs and planning our future like the responsible young adults we are. check the site for more info!

We’ve also been having healthy debates about which is worse: John Howard getting back in, or Alex Lloyd getting No.1 on the JJJ hottest 100. They’re both pretty scary concepts; both enough, in fact, to prompt kellie Lloyd towards thoughts of “leaving the country”!

On a brighter note, I’ve got my first very own big headlining solo show at Ric’s Bar (Brisbane) next Tuesday the 5th of Feb. The whole thing starts at 9.00 – then Dave and Bryce from Denvar will open proceedings at 9.30. I’ll be playing a bunch of my stuff, a bit of ‘feeder stuff, and a whole lot of other songs as well – acoustic, electric, the whole lot. 2 sets. I’ve got a feeling they’ll even let me play whatever I like between sets too – so you’re in for a fine night of music all round. It’s free to get in, and what a way to end a romantic night with your loved one?! Oof,

Talk about scoring points..! (home by midnight too – you can’t go wrong).

Danielle and Simon spotted the Smiths reference last time round in about 1 second – good work.

  • Tim – quack quack
  • Kellie – woman driving man sleeping
  • Dean – afro eurodisco trash
  • Darek – cool operator