It’s been 10 years since we released our last EP, 2005’s Delusions of Grandchildren.

We’re not sure why, but it just took that long for us to decide to pick up the baton again and keep running. The main reason is that the wonderful people at Poison City Records have taken such an interest in us, and done such a great job on the back catalogue re-releases. It gave us a bit of faith again, and it feels right.

Video shot and edited by Kellie. The single will be digitally available across all platforms on November 25th.

Please enjoy our 3 new songs!

..Tim and Kellie began writing together, birthing small snippets, recording on phones and re-listening on car stereos. Over time, fully formed songs started to appear. Among them, ‘Alone In A Crowd’.

Lyrically taking shape from a conversation between Tim and Kellie, the pair drew from reflection and isolation. “It was an observation around going out. The tension and anxiety around knowing everyone in the room, but still feeling a little lost at times. It’s pretty universal, really. Nothing specific, just a rumination on how most people feel in the modern world and the anxiety around being a social creature,” Kellie explains.

‘Alone In A Crowd’ is the first new material from Screamfeeder in ten years. The single will be proudly released through Poison City, offering a taste of their forthcoming album, set for release mid-2016..