Posted on Feb 11, 2004

Due to Angels Bar (formerly The Chelsea) closing before it even really opened, a lot of bands have been left high and dry with cancelled bookings.

Screamfeeder have decided to take their single launch out of The Valley and into The Alley – [relocating to the more intimate surrounds of The Alley at Milton Bowl, on Friday night, Feb 20th]. Love of Diagrams and Vegas Kings will still be appearing, tickets will be limited, so get in early to avoid disappointment. Doors open from 7pm.

After releasing “Take You Apart” in October 2003 to universal critical acclaim, Screamfeeder proudly announce the release of the 4th single from the album “Bunny”, which is already receiving play on JJJ (amongst others).

“Widely thought of as the high point of the album, and a super punchy live favourite, Bunny tears out of the speakers like it has a pack of rabid dogs on its tail.  “I’m trying to buy something that ain’t.. being.. sold!” howls singer Tim Steward; this sums up the wound up emotion and sonic charge of the song.”

To celebrate the single’s release Screamfeeder will play on Friday the 20th of February. Also on the bill will be special guests from Melbourne, the three piece instrumental band causing a ruckus around the place, LOVE OF DIAGRAMS, and local swamp rockers THE VEGAS KINGS.

In other Screamfeeder news, the band have been confirmed at the prestigious South by Southwest Festival (SxSW) in Austin Texas, in March. A string of dates across the U.S. will be included on the trip. “Take You Apart” is due for U.S. release in the next few months.

Love Of Diagrams – The Target Is You
KISS may be an influence for more than a few of the recent rock ‘n’ roll revivalists but it is a policy for Melbourne’s Love of Diagrams. On their debut album, The Target Is You, the band do plenty right but best of all they stay true to the policy of ‘keep it simple stupid’. The three piece outfit of guitar (Luke Horton), bass (Antonia Sellbach) and drums (Monika Fikerle) power through ten tracks of angular, shimmering rock free of embellishments or excesses.

The album sounds raw and they get to the point fast, not bothering with slowly building walls of sound, more interested in tearing them apart, each new riff or burst of noise another sledgehammer blow. There isn’t a lot of variety on the record but, then again, there doesn’t need to be when the songs build such a wonderful momentum, rolling and tumbling along on a sea of distortion and feedback. There is a genuine energy here but, more importantly, over enthusiasm hasn’t lead to overindulgent noise freakouts or extended guitar noodling with the band staying pretty much on track, the guitars never stray far from Fikerle’s driving rhythms. The riffs are rooted in melody and repetitive enough to get stuck in your head but never overstay their welcome, more often than not jumping somewhere new, starting the cycle all over again.

The album is only a little over 30 minutes long and with most of the tracks sneaking in under the three and a half minute mark only the five minute ‘Iris Out’ provides a brief respite from the frantic pace of the
album. The first three tracks, ‘What are you waiting for?’, ‘Building better codes’ and ‘New Fury’ are gone in a flash but don’t fear, the repeat button on your cd player was invented for albums like this. Aptly titled because I love this record and Love of Diagrams have certainly scored a bullseye with me. Oz Music Project

Vegas Kings

“From dirty dirges to sweat soaked stompers, Vegas Kings put a fresh twist on everything the blues ever stood for.” Australian Guitar Magazine