Posted on May 29, 2002

OK remember, this weekend we’re in NSW but only quickly! Those dates again:

Thursday 30th May – Newcastle Uni
Friday 31st May ­ Kelts Bar with Decoder Ring
Sat 1st June ­ Hopetoun Hotel, Surry Hills with Faker and Neon

Dean got his license yesterday, first attempt, we’re all feeling very proud of him, so he’s gonna be driving the whole way tomorrow while the rest of us put our feet up in the back and throw peanuts at him, “blindfold” him with our hands and shout loud conflicting driving “tips” at him – it’s gonna be fun.

But our BIG news is that we’re OUTTA HERE. No, we ain’t breaking up just yet – we’re off on tour overseas – to Singapore! Screamfeeder take Asia – I like the sound of that. We set sail (on the plane) on June 25th and return two weeks later having “Conquered the East” – oof, so many quotations this week! we’re doing a few different gigs – check the site for more details.

Dean    the German Shepherd
Darek    the Pit Bull Terrier
Kellie     the Irish Wolf Hound
Tim       the Sausage Dog