Well well well!!! What about Sydney eh? We even bumped into Sekiden down the pub! Cheers to everyone who came, we had a lot of fun.

The next thing we do is play The Healer, in Brisbane (in the valley). It’ll be cool, Watership Down are on, and Pale too. It’s this Saturday night – keep it free! Put it in yr organisers, or on yr mobiles or yr foreheads – whatever.  No, seriously though, do come, I’ve got a good feeling about it. That means something, I think it means it’ll ROCK.

Our next single Mr Tuba is out any second, and the Stopless clip has been on Rage apparently (we were busy down the pub with Sekiden)

We’ll be in Adelaide and Melbourne in a week and a half, dates to follow..!

And we’re still trying for the lo-tel support on their next tour, damn!! I wanna peek in their dressing room..