OK OK, it’s christmas time and we’re feeling generous, ..what the hell’s with this precious attitude towards the ownership of music anyway? (re Metallica, Napster etc etc) We say free the music, let the people dance in the streets to the sound of the ‘feeder, yeah, that’s what we say. (amongst many other

Mp3s rock the world, if you haven’t bothered yet, get to it, don’t waste any more time. Download Napster as well, and to quote us, fill yourself with music.

So, in the spirit of it all we say head to www.mp3.com.au/screamfeeder and download our music all night long, to your heart’s desire! There’s lots there, all for free, new album tracks especially. Plus older stuff, which I’ll be adding to regularly too.

Now, grab a coffee, and a cigger, if that’s yr pleasure, and check out two other places while the files are downloading: http://www.ozmusicproject.net / http://www.scrapbook.melb.net two excellent australian music sites, very informative, extensive and cool. Tell them we sent you.

See you all next year. We’ll be touring, playing, fighting, drinking, all that kinda stuff. Gold Coast Big Day Out is next on our agenda.

tim s/kel l/dean s/micheal squire/ screamfeeder