thanks to all the people who came and saw us at homebake, it was a blast!

the songs:

  • Dart
  • Bugging
  • Hi Cs
  • Sparks Jump
  • I won’t be There
  • All You Can Know

are all available for FREE at http://www.mp3.com/screamfeeder

so get to work.

We’re touring in January with VIOLETEEN.

Tim and Kel will play with CAT POWER this friday in Brisbane at the RED ROOM. I know we said that’s it for the acoustic shows, but how can you pass up something like that?

The New album by JOE STRUMMER (ex CLASH) and the MESCALEROS is awesome!! It kinda takes off from where Combat Rock ended, if you’re a clash fan it’s a MUST! Even if you’re not it’s a fine album, out thru those folk at SHOCK.

more soon, and mp3s from the new EP! (shhh)

tim/kel/dean xx