So, when I was a kid I went to see The Ramones play in London, and I was impressed to see that they successfully managed to out-punk the large, fairly hardcore punk audience, simply by rocking on for an hour and a half or more, ’till the crowd was an exhausted mess, beaten, defeated.

Now, we’re kinda gonna attempt the same thing this Saturday night, the 6th, at Ric’s (Brisbane).

Screamfeeder will be playing the “intimate” venue (at full volume) over two sets, starting at 10.00 and 11.00pm. THEN, DJ TJ (yours truly) will take control of the decks and keep the pace crankin till dawn (5a.m.)

Can you handle it? Yeah, it’s a challenge, come on!

We’re also hitting the road this month, taking it to NSW, VIC and WA. Check the site for dates.

All systems go for the album, it’s actually gonna be a coupla weeks later than we expected, but it’s all happening. The singles are on the radio, the vids are on telly, and we’ve even been on home and away.

Now, don’t anyone be giving me static about being on the same telly show as Lo-Tel, or I’m likely to crumble into a mess of embarrassing contradictions and mumbled excuses. We figure channel 10’s money is better off in our pockets than Lo-Tel’s any day.

See you up the front,