Well we’ve been rehearsing for the gig, and it’s been pretty cool. I wish I could saay that we’ve been hard at it for months, but that’s just not the case. We’re not that kind of band. We have been practising over the last week and getting a set list together and it’s looking very diverse, and kinda long..

Some songs have been really hard to remember, it took me about an hour to even work out how to play Ice Patrol last night, (and work out the tuning it’s written in) after Dean and kellie convinced me it should be included. *But I worked it out!

It’s weird, some songs we haven’t played since about ’03, and they come back instantly, first try. Other ones take a bit more work. (like ones from ’93..)

We now have the daunting task of organising how we’re going to run the set list, and who’s gonna join us for guest appearences on various songs etc. If you’ve got a burning desire to play guitar on a song, apply, we may even let you.

We’re selling CDs at the show as well as all the shirts n stuff – big news? – but these are the last Screamfeeder CDs on earth, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

See you at the bar ~ ts.