woodlandWe’ve been working hard mixing and mastering some live sets. They’re available at our bandcamp for free (or name your price). This is the big one, a 24 song set from our 2011 “break up gig” (yeah right!) at Brisbane’s Woodland.

Listen / Download here

In late 2011 Dean announced he was going to live in England indefinitely. We decided it was important to play a last big hometown show with him, seeing as it was also 20 years since the band started. ..It was all a bit of a whirlwind but in typical Screamfeeder style it all came crashing chaotically together on the night…

..There are a hell of a lot of mistakes in the performance. We left them in. Technical perfection wasn’t the aim of the night.. Hopefully we made up for it by harnessing the energy and spirit of what the three of us are about as a band, as music fans and as people. read more..