How rock was last weekend? Us and the Mark Of Cain in Sydney? A WHOLE LOT, that’s how much.

How rock is this weekend gonna be? Even more rock, that’s how much!! Screamfeeder / Not From There joint effort:

  • thurs 19th, we’ll be rocking the great northern htl, Byron Bay
  • fri 20th, rockin at the rose n crown, Gold Coast
  • sat 21st, rock city, THE ZOO, Brisbane

hope that’s rock enough for you..

(One day we’ll get to play with lo-tel, and it’ll be the Rock of fucking Gibraltar!!)We’re kinda looking for another guitar player at the moment, if you’ve got the chops and you look the part get in touch. (read=no dreadlocks down to yr arse, Dean says “NO!” – sorry!)

*** the feeder ***