Released in September 2011 on our own.

The rights to our entire back catalogue was reverted to us and we decided to celebrate with this 40 song collection of B Sides & more.

The album is as strictly chronological as we could get it. We tried to be really completist about it, to the extent that some songs appear twice, in different versions. Not all songs are b sides, there are also some which appeared briefly on overseas releases, things like that.

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1. Mouse
2. Oliver's Army
B sides to our first single Fingers & Toes. Recorded by David Price at Megaphon studios in Sydney, 1993. Oliver's Army by Elvis Costello.

3. Hello There
4. Thick and Shitty
B sides to Fill Yourself With Music. Recorded by Wayne Connolly at paradise Studios in Sydney, 1994. Hello There by Cheap Trick.

5. Five Week Calmer
6. Brand New Love
b sides to the single of Sweet Little Oranges / Who's Counting? Recorded by Wayne Connolly at paradise Studios in Sydney, 1994.

7. Summertime demo
8. Fooferon
9. Harlan
B Sides to Dart, 1996. Recorded by Paul McKercher (Summertime by Jeff Lovejoy).

10. Dart demo
11. Oh Tom
12. Early Talker
B sides to Static, 1996. Recorded by Paul McKercher (Dart by Jeff Lovejoy).

13. Keep Hanging On
14. Off To One Side
15. All You Can Know
B Sides to Gravity, 1996. Keep Hanging On by Husker Du. Off To One Side by Come. Both of these were recorded by Jeff Lovejoy, and they also appeared on Home Age - our covers album in 1999. All You Can Know was also recorded by Jeff.

16. Bridge Over Nothing demo
This was included on 1997's Closing Alaska EP released in America. A pre Kitten Licks demo.

17. Static remix
18. Summertime remix
19. Helen's Theme
These all appeared on the American release of Kitten Licks in 1999. John Travis remixed Static and Summertime for the album (this was the version of Summertime we recorded with paul McKercher during the Kitten Licks session, but we preferred the demo in the end). Helen's Theme appeared on all versions of the album - as a tail end to Ant,  but on this one it was given its own track!

20. Decaptivated
21. The Rat & The Goldfish
B sides to Hi Cs, 1998. Recorded by Paul McKercher at Velvet studios in Sydney

22. Beef Me Up
23. Sparks Jump

24. Planet Matador

B sides to Triple Hook, 1998. Dean recorded Beef Me Up and Jeff Lovejoy recorded the other two.

25. Hit The Sky
Kim Bowers (of SPDFGH) put some singing on Decaptivated and the song was released as a single in 1999 for the film Fresh Air.

26. Oh My God It's Full Of Stars
27. Airlift King
B sides to Above The Dove, 2000. Oh My God.. recorded by Tim at home, and Airlift recorded by The Pound System during Rocks On The Soul session, at Bustin' Up Studio in Melbourne.

28. Hitsville UK 0
29. Deletia remix
30. Domino
31. Ice Patrol reprise
B sides to Ice Patrol, 2003. Tim recorded Hitsville UK in the practice room. The fine gentlemen of Pony Loaf re mixed Deletia for us, and Domino was the first version we ever recorded of this soing, at Velvet Studios in Sydney with Martin White at the controls. We wanted it to be the single, but everyone outside the band preferred Triple Hook, which we also recorded that day.

32. Above The Dove remix
33. Stopless remix
34. Low remix
B sides to I Don't Know What To Do Any More, 2003. Dean and Darek had a project called So You Have Life, and they remixed Above The Dove. Tim did the other two at home.

35. 1 Broken Morning
36. 12345 demo
37. I Don't Know What To Do Any More demo
38. 12345 no guitar version
B sides to 12345, 2003. 1 & 4 recorded by Magoo during the album sessions, 2 recorded by Tim, 3 recorded by Darek.

39. Make Up demo
40. And Tigers They Roam demo
Two more practice room-recorded, home mixed demos by tim, which appeared on the Bunny single in 2004.