Fragfile States

Self Released August 1, 2017 

The first new solo material from Kellie since her acclaimed second album Magnetic North, released in 2012, and collects material drawn from several different recording sessions between 2013–2015.

Mastered by Donnie Miller at Nowhere Audio 2017
Cover Art: Original paintings by Morgan Allender. Reproduced with permission.
Layout by Tim Steward.
Scene of the Crime previously released on Mere Noise Singles Club 2013
Paradigms previously released on Tym Records Singles Club 2013

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Kellie Lloyd – Fragile States


Kellie’s 6 track EP, released August 1, 2017

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The six songs reflect the variety of circumstances in which they were recorded, with the first three songs based on guitar and the others, including the eight-minute “Tunnel Music”, on piano.

Lloyd describes Fragile States as “basically a collection of things recorded over the last couple of years that were never really going to be anything, until they came together.

“They were just random recording sessions. They all had a purpose, but there was never a thread.” until now.

The results are a warm and beautiful collection of songs, by turns eerie, meditative and moody, which fans of Screamfeeder and Big Star’s 3rd alike should love. Andrew Stafford