August 1, 2017

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Goodnight My Love

Goodnight my love,
I’ll be home soon.
Goodnight my love,
Cyanide for your sweet tooth.
I am trembling
So your earthquake
Cinnamon for your tea cake.
I am sleeping on your breath,
Your temperament,
Musk and peppermint.
Musk and peppermint.
A little death, a little nutmeg.

Scene of the Crime

You look away and you step aside,
Is this the sign of the times?
You step away and you look inside,
Is this the sign of the times?
You touch my skin and our worlds collide,
is this scene of the crime?
You touch my world and our skin collides,
Is this the sign of the times, the scene of the crime?
is this scene of the crime?
You say stop I say go.
I don’t know who to follow,
I don’t know..


Here lies a little piece of me and the little bits combined make me whole.|
Here lies a little piece of you and the little bits combined make you whole.
(And the sentences and signs and the pretences and lies)
Paradigms - the patterns in our lives, and the themes that weave the stories that’s being told.
The signs mark the turns along the way and it’s where we find ourselves - is where we are.
(And the sentences and signs, the pretences and lies)
This line has been modified and crossed,
Removed, completely lost many times.
And it’s sad in the silence and the way that the parts we have to play never change.
And this little piece of you and this little piece of me will eventually cease to be.
Cease to be.

The Undertow

A heart’s surrender, a distant land.
Skin so tender, against the burning sand.
A mother’s daughter, this he knows.
Steady water, the undertow.
Lungs are filling, the rising tide
The spirits willing, the will subsides.
A heart’s asylum,  the bitter cold.
Truth is tied in, knots, that never unfold.
Hear no, see no, speak no evil,
Ask not, tell no lies.

Nothing Remained

I woke up and nothing had remained,
In a single night we lived and died
But nothing else had changed.
For days and weeks I could not be found
I walked forever questioning
What no one ever asked, what no one ever said.
The years that followed, nothing ever changed
The fate of nature took it’s course,
No longer a body just a name,
Just a memory all the same.