Released 04 September 2013

We played at The Zoo, in Brisbane on March 8th 2013, supporting Bob Mould (and band). It was a great night - our first proper band gig since 2011's "last gig ever".

This is a multitrack recording from the desk, including some sound from stereo live mics in the room. It was recorded by Murray Paas, and mixed and mastered by Darek Mudge. We're very happy with the sound - and the performance isn't too shabby either. Broken Ladder hangs on by a thread, and Needles has a hilarious period of slippage in the middle but overall it sounds like we know the songs pretty well.

Some bands are all polished 'n shit.. and some bands make mistakes, play too fast, sing the wrong words, sing a little off key, don't have in-between song banter prepared, and generally emphasise the feeling of the song and the energy of playing together in the moment over the technical perfection of a performance.

We've always been one of those bands. What you see is what you get - Tim, Kellie and Dean, live n loud; no tidying up - except for some short periods of incomprehensible mumbling - no edits and certainly no overdubs.


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Tim Steward, Kellie Lloyd, Dean Shwereb. Recording: Murray Paas. Mixing: Darek Mudge. Live sound: Dave Nolan