Live recording from 1998. Free download

We toured a lot in the 90s. Often we'd plug a DAT player in and record the gigs straight out of the desk or via live mics. Usually we'd have a listen in the Tarago afterwards and all cringe at our mistakes. Listening back now the gigs sound pretty ok and we sound like a band who knew their songs reasonably well.

This was a fun gig, it was pretty relaxed - it was in during the long limbo period between Kitten Licks and Rocks on the Soul. Rocks.. songs Olive and Mr Tuba were already in the set. Right before Hi Cs came out as a single, it was also our first public performance of Triple Hook (and you can hear what a disaster that was).

We played other new songs too - Short Sighted and Too Bored - which never made it onto an album at all. Rarities Fooferon and Low made it into the set. We played an odd version of Dart - with no signature opening riff. We'd been touring so long and hard, and were so bored of Dart and Static by then.

The gig opened with Who's Counting and Down The Drinker - these were unusable unfortunately due to the DAT disintegrating over the last 15 years and digital distortion wrecking those tracks.

This was Screamfeeder at the height of their touring career, still as a 3 piece, and we hope a good snapshot into the sound and vibe of the band in the late 90s.

Live sound / recording by Jon Gardner, Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 9th Jan 1998.
Performed by Tim Kellie and Dean, Mastered and compiled by Tim.

Sound quality: C+ // stereo live mix. Performance: B

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