Live recording, July 4th 2002. Free download

In 2002 'feeder fan and our great friend Daniel Sassoon organised a tour to Singapore for us. We played 4 or 5 gigs in radically different venues. One was at an actual rock festival, one was on a football field, one in a youth centre, one in a nightclub and this one was in one of the city's libraries, [email protected]

An electric-acoustic performance by Tim and Kellie, including lots of chit-chat about books - band members were invited to talk with the audience about some of their favourite reads, in between songs. So over half the songs feature some book-talk. We also included a few of our favourite covers.

It was a fun day; you can hear the relaxed atmosphere, complete with people talking and laughing, teacups clinking, phones going off, and other background noise. Daniel recorded it via microphone straight to minidisc and we think the result is good enough to share. Enjoy!

Original blurb from the poster:

Flown in from Brisbane, Australia, indie/alternative pop-rock band Screamfeeder takes time off their Singapore tour to get acoustic at [email protected] with their recent hits as well as other songs culled from their 6 album career.

Australian radio station Triple J nominated their latest album Rocks on the Soul Album of The Week and they’ve toured extensively, headlining, playing numerous festivals as well as supporting many international acts including Sonic Youth, Pavement and Swervedriver.

See the other side of singer/guitarist Tim Steward and bass player/singer Kellie Lloyd as they talk about their music and their favourite reads right here at the Library! This programme is in support of MODES 2002.

Sound quality: C+. Performance: A

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