Ok then..

Remember we’re playing Sydney this weekend, Saturday, at Vic On The Park, with H Block 101 and another rockin outfit called Euphonic. It’ll be a large night.

We’re also doing an O WEEK bash at St John’s College (Sydney Uni) on the Friday night, with quite a few other bands. So if you wanna make it along to that one just dress up like a student, or a member of Lo-Tel, and you shouldn’t have any problems! Get back to me if yr not sure what this entails..

YOU can win 1 of 8 Stopless radio edit 1-track promo CDs as well as Rocks on the Soul postcards from Rockus Online Magazine – www.rockus.com.au

Kellie bought herself a JOYCAM on the last little run, and proceeded to take photos of everyone. You can check some of these out at: www.powerup.com.au/~timst/news.html you get to see Dean in his underpants, so it’s well worth the click!

..Coming out?? well maybe not, but he certainly looks very proud and confident!

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