Posted on Apr 24, 2001

As promised, a whole lotta rock went down on the weekend with us and Not From There doing our stuff in Byron Bay, the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Cheers to everyone who came, it was a GAS.

Cheers to the Rose n Crown down the coast too, maybe not the best venue on planet earth, but they did supply us with over 3 LITRES of spirits to play with, plus quite a few plates of snacks. Actually, you know, they ARE the best venue on earth..

This week we’re doing the acoustic gig thing here in Brisbane (Tim did an acoustic show with Klinger in melbourne recently) – nice n easy, no lugging to speak of, a couple of wines, you know the script:

  • Wed 25th Transcontinental Hotel, Sth Bris, on first at 8.30 (just Tim) + some bands, free entry, unlimited drinks.
  • Sat 28th at Rics, in the Valley, Kellie and Tim doing solo sets starting around 4.00 pm. Free cake, ciggers and drinks at the bar.

Kellie’s still got her Bass Amp for sale, it’s a Labsystems head and quad. It kicks some large quantities of ass, and it’s on sale cheap. get back to us quick.. you don’t wanna miss this one.

We’re coming to sydney in a week and a half, doing a gig at a nightclub somewhere, I think it’s in the Cross (nice).

The plan is to get Lo-Tel down, get ’em dressed up as easter bunnies, and have them bouncing all over the stage.. they’re right down with it, just gotta find the costumes.. ooh la la!

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