Check out the pictures of us at the valley fiesta, it was so hot, midwinter in Brisbane? Lovely!

We went out afterwards and kel was going off with the old Joycam again, so we’ll have a new selection of pictures of us and other folk in various stages of disrepair up soon.

This weekend we’re doing a couple of out-of-towners, to warm up for our out-of-staters over the next few weeks:

  • Sat 21st – Maroochydore Sands, Sunshine Coast
  • Sun 22nd Gold Coast, Miami Tavern

Tumbleweed are on too, so you get a whole mess of rock for your money.

What a hoo-ha, I didn’t publicise and Adelaide dates on the last mail-out, and jeesh, didn’t I hear about it!! OK OK Already Adelaide, we love you too, we’ll be there as soon as we can ok?!

**the feeder**