Posted on Aug 25, 2001

At last!! we’ve gotten the web page happening again.. it was getting so cumbersome and clumsy I couldn’t really be bothered with it any more, but I got all inspired and got to work, so c’mon already, check it:

It ain’t all done, but I’ll get it all sorted bit by bit, so be patient. I’ll certainly be updating far more regularly now. We’ll have new pictures, new articles, lots of stuff.

What else.. we’re planning a BIG show in Brisbane in October, we’ll let you know as it develops..

A mate of mine went to see Planet Of The Apes the other day and didn’t think much of it. He said, and I quote: “if you wanna see monkeys, go to the zoo, or go and see Lo-Tel play“! Ooof!! that’s not very nice is it?!

  • Tim – has been playing Cluedo
  • Kellie – tidied her room!!
  • Dean – went to his school re-union
  • Darek – has been at home practicing, and growing his hair.

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