YES!!! Our new album ROCKS ON THE SOUL (cat no hip 040) is finally out, in the shops, as of TODAY (monday). And with each copy you get a free iron-on t shirt transfer, which looks  very fast indeed. If you don’t get the transfer kick up a fuss. You can also send us $5.00 and we’ll send you one.

Here are the first set of Dates for our first little tour in a while:

  • Friday 10th Nov, Hopetoun Htl, Sydney
  • Saturday 12th Nov, Blaxland Tavern, Sydney
  • Thursday 16th Bridge Mall Inn, Ballarat
  • Friday 17th, Armadale Htl, Melbourne
  • Saturday 18th, Evelyn Htl, Melbourne.

More dates and details soon, supports etc.

It’s our first tour with Mike, the new guy, we did a couple of gigs over the weekend with him (notably the Skinnys Instore which rocked, cheers everyone who came!) and he definitely knows his chops by now. Come and check him out, buy him a lager and give him a pat on the back – he’s a very agreeable geezer.

Also bring ALL your money to the shows, we’ll have shirts, cds, and the transfers, plus you’ll want to help us celebrate by getting nice and rowdy.

It’s the weekend, get loose.

More soon, as ever.

tim/kel/dean feeder xxx