Well it’s been a long time between drinks here at camp ‘feeder! (Yeah right, as if!) – a long time between mailouts anyway. How are you all?

In case you’re wondering where we’ve been.. A bit of news:

We play here in Brisbane this Thursday at The Rev with Rational academy, Denvar and Novi Split (US).

We are recording a NEW EP next week! We’ve been going through all our practice room tapes and saving the best bits. We have a handful of new songs we’re really excited about and will commit them to hard drive at Zero Interference studios in scenic Bowen Hills bright and early next Monday morning. Hopefully we’ll play a couple of the new songs on thursday night.

We have been supa busy doing lots of things – Tim’s solo album is all finished, finally, and will be released just as soon as someone pays him enough money for it.

Tim and Dean’s other band THE WHATS are supporting both Holly Golightly and The Violent Femmes in March and have an album 2/3 recorded.

Our Christmas screamfeeder wine is all gone. it was a roaring success, and we will definitely be doing it again next year. We had customers as far as France and the US (France – the wine capital of the world!) and plenty of punters around this country getting into the spirit of things over the holiday season. Either that or shelving it for posterity, as if it’s gonna get valuable with age or something..

We printed up too many stickers for the amount of bottles we had, so we can send you a couple if you order anything via the site and you can stick em on your VB tallies, or your kids’ milk bottles, or your chest, or something hilarious like that! www.screamfeeder.com

You know where to find us..

*tim/dean/kellie screamfeeder*