Anyone who’s heard the rumour that Melbourne has the best pub/live music scene in the country, just believe it. the place rocks. We played the Punters Club in Fitzroy last night and it was just.. great, wonderful even – not US as such, just the whole gig, crowd and place. Very nice indeed, thanks for having us!

(Out in the wilds of Preston though it’s a bit of a different story.. heavy Lo-Tel territory maybe.. we felt a bit outnumbered by the slick, suave-smelling nightclub type customers..!)

Anyway, that’s us done touring for a while, unless anything unusual comes up. We’re gonna go to the practice room and write our next album; yes it’s about that time. I’m also gonna redo the whole feeder website, at the moment it reminds me of an old dinosaur lying by the roadside waiting to die. I’ve gotta get it happening. Kellie Lloyd (our bass player) opened her soul and released a solo album a few years ago, “for nothing and no-one” – it’s a bit of a gem too I might add.

Anyway we were rummaging thru the kitchen cupboards round at Lo-Tel‘s place the other day and found a box of them stashed in amongst the baking products – oof, cheeky gits! We took possession. e mail Kellie if you’d like to get yr hands on one:

Thanks everyone who came to our gigs, you make it all seem worthwhile.

  • Kellie: gets giggly when tired
  • Dean:  still looks sharp, even asleep
  • Tim:    stops talking
  • Darek:  drinks coffee before bed and wonders why he can’t sleep.

**the feeder**