Posted on Apr 5, 2001

Fuck, having no computer for a while sure does make us here in feederland a bit edgy.. That’s our excuse anyway. If anyone says we’ve been lazing it up with Lo-Tel in Vanuatu they’re lying (oohh, a bit more sun tan lotion please chief ..those boys are so accommodating – So I’ve heard anyway).

So, what’s happening? We’re doing 2 shows with the Mark Of Cain at Newcastle Uni on the 11th and at Macquarie Uni on the 12th. Should be a rockin good time! Also we’re doing a few shows with Not From There around Brisbane / Northern NSW soon too.

What else? Not much really. We played with Magic Dirt in Coffs Harbour, and all I can say is we ain’t going back there in a hurry. Neither are the Dirt I don’t think. Regional-schmegional.

Tim Kel Dean Mike Feeder.