Yo ho ho ~ our GOLD COAST Big Day Out Playing times are as follows:

7.00pm – 7.50pm, on the Essential Stage.

No idea whereabouts that is, but you’ll find it. We’re gonna chuck a few different songs in the set for a change too, we’ve been doing exactly the same set for too long now – out of consideration for Mike mostly, but now we’re crackin the whip and making him earn his goddamn dough..

If anyone has any specific song requests, send them in and we’ll see what we can do too, we exist solely for YOUR listening pleasure, remember. I mean, some of yr ideas might be plain laughable, but really, try em out for size if you like!

Als0, our STOPLESS video is finally finished, it’ll be on Rage next weekend – we’re all really happy with it – it was edited and made to look awesome by a guy called Marten in Sydney who works for one of the TV channels, I think – he was able to stay up late and use all their flash gear to make our clip look completely top shelf. Considering we filmed it in the practice room, it looks pretty grand.

It’s a whole pile of fun let me tell you!

We’re coming out of the closet again in Feb (going on tour that is), so we’ll be sending out details of that soon.

Well it’s friday night, you all go out and have a good evening.

see you at the bar ~ the feeder xx