We took the four track into the practice room (for the first time ever) this week and managed to put down all the bits and pieces of songs we’ve been writing recently. Kellie was in house engineer (positioning our 2 mikes), and I was producer (guy with headphones on). Dean was just the drummer. It felt good to do some tidying up!

Talking of tidying up, Dean and Darek moved in together this week – now that’s what I call tidy.

Congratulations to Brendan and Peta who spotted the Urge Overkill reference in about 2 minutes last time – oof, good going!

It’s check out time! Check out:Nadine’s amazing photos of us at the Annandale last August at the site: www.screamfeeder.com – what about those lighting effects, looks like we’re in Pink Floyd or something!

The new “Feeder Fan of the month” segment on the site!!

The review and photos from Tim’s recent live show at Ja Ja’s Lounge in Brisbane here: http://www.brispop.com/photos.cfm?articleID=145

We’re doing a whole series of acoustic shows around Brisbane in the next few weeks. A couple of full band shows for all you lucky university students too. All details on the front page (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) ..of the site.

Poor Alex Lloyd had to play Homebake with his busted arm in a sling (saw it in WHO magazine down at Woollies) – serves him right for not being able to hold his liquor.

  • Tim – can’t read his own writing
  • Kellie – gets the bloody marys in
  • Dean – scrubs up alright
  • Darek – got fired from his job

***the feeder

and now for the small print:

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