I’m pretty excited about this show we’re doing, we’ve got some cool posters made ‘n all..

For those who ain’t aware yet – it’s gonna be our LAST show for Rocks On The Soul, and then we’re gonna really get going on the new album. Quite a few new tunes bouncing around already which feels good!

Details: The Healer, Brisbane, Friday 26th October, with supports from locals, heavy duty ROCK BAND the Giants Of Science, and on their first trip up from Sydney, FURTHER – who’ve got that angsty indie ROCK thing perfected. It’s gonna be loud alright.

You can pick up tickets from our site, or from The Healer, possibly Skinnys too. Any more details, or if yr feeling like you should be on the door for some reason (it’d better be good) get back to us.

Well I sat up all night watching the arias, clutching “teenager of the year” in my sweaty hand, but alas, Lo-Tel didn’t win an aria. But on the flipside, the singer was in WHO magazine as one of the sexiest people ever or something, so he’s gotta be pretty chuffed with that!! ..it’s a weird world ain’t it?!!

(actually I didn’t watch much of the arias at all really, I couldn’t handle much more after superjesus..)

*Funny story, when we were recording “rocks..” Dean and Kel and I co-wrote a letter to WHO mag, along the lines of “as huge fans of THE WHO we buy your mag every week, looking for pictures of, or articles on Roger, Pete, Keith or John but alas, there’s never any mention of the band” etc etc. We got an e mail back from Barry Divola, the music guy, saying that he’d love to have some more WHO in there himself too!!   .. kinda hard seeing as they haven’t been around for over 10 years though I guess..

Checked the site?? Heaps of new photos, rare kitten licks art, and other bits and pieces. Go on..! www.screamfeeder.com

  • *Tim – expect solo record soon
  • *Kellie – finally succumbed to the Ben Sherman, expect some new fashion heights soon
  • *Dean – has discovered a new hairstyle, it’s long and short at the same time
  • *Darek – is still up and going for walks at 7.00 am, why?

*** the feeder