OK so we’re playing down the Gold Coast this Friday night, at the Troccadero, with the Devoted few (guys from old sparring partners Bluebottle Kiss). So why don’t you come along and help us settle our hot practice room debate on whether the Coast is packed with slack jawed yokels and Neanderthals or not? It should be fun, and the beer always flows freely on the coast I’m told.

We’re actually doing 2 gigs in the one night, the first being in Brisbane at QUT Gardens Point at about 8.30, with a bunch of other local bands, for their O Week celebrations. There’s another hot topic of contention you may remember from last year, Uni students.. but I should probably stop there, before I *alienate *our *entire *audience.

Hey what the fuck happened to Lo Tel by the way?? One minute they’re “minor celebrities” being seen in Bondi and in Who Magazine alike, the next thing, I saw that singer guy working at Jacka’s the other day! He ducked out the back when he saw me come in. Has the world gone crazy?!

So we’ve recorded half our new album already, and we’re “quite excited” about it so far. the songs kick ass, and Magoo has been producing like a champ. His Jamaican accent needs a bit of work though. Next session approaching soon.

We’re really looking forward to playing lots of new songs in the set, now they’re recorded it feels even better playing them live (ie we know how they go now).

And our new single Ice patrol got added to triple J rotation today. What do you mean you haven’t got it yet?? It’s on sale everywhere, including direct from us at our lovely site: http://www/screamfeeder.com

Sanity have stocked up big too, apparently.

OK it’s time for us to say: REQUEST US ON JJJ! here: http://www.triplej.net.au/requests/requests
go on you know you want to.

Thanks, and see you all at the bar,

*Dean – member of the week this week, lugged all the gear by himself, twice.
*Kellie – member of the week 2 weeks ago, made the Ice Patrol video (on telly soon)
*Darek – member of the year, the president, the best looking one
*Tim –  ‘member last week?