OK it wasn’t the whole band, but I definitely had to make a RUN for it twice during our last show, as the sickness caught up with me mid-set. Nice timing. Kellie got the same stomach bug too, but to be honest it was a small price to pay for such AN EXCELLENT TOUR!

Yes, we’re back, and Singapore rocked!! We ended up doing 5 shows, 2 large outdoor festival gigs, a big nightclub show, a punk rock kids show in a hall in the suburbs and an acoustic show in a library.. sounds weird huh? I guess it was a little, but it all seemed to make perfect sense while we were doing it.

We’re gonna get a ton of photos from every gig up on the site very soon. Pictures will speak a thousand words, really..! Kellie’s got a mini-tour diary thing up there now, just documenting the various misadventures more than anything else.

Also on the site is a pic of the Singapore Tour T Shirt – we managed to smuggle a few back, and we’re selling them at $25 post paid (duty free). Definitely a rare article – oof, a collector’s edition no less!

I’ve got a couple of solo shows this weekend with the legendary Paul Kelly – Friday at the Arena, Brisbane, and Saturday at The Trocadero, down the Gold Coast.

We’ve got a large, free, all ages show coming up in Brisbane soon, which will be fun!

*Darek – the Prezident.

*Dean – “I’m a male maid, a butler, a bit of an all rounder really”

*Kellie – Coffee, chilli, ciggers, voddy

*Tim – “Fire Hydrant Motherfucka”

* screamfeeder