Funny how we’re right in the middle of recording and still we’re managing to play every weekend, even more than we would normally.. funny, very funny.

Anyway this Friday we’re off down to the Gold Coast again to play at the Troccadero, with Rocket Science. It should be a blast.Then next weekend we’re off to Sydney, there’s this new club put on by Popfrenzy, called SHAKE, or maybe it’s called Popfrenzy (I’m a bit confused myself), but it’s meant to be excellent, with everyone staying up all night dancing after the bands finish.

Sounds like something from Quadrophenia huh? It’s at the Spanish Club, on Sat 15th March.

The night before I’m doing a solo show at the Sandringham in Newtown, my first ever in Sydney I think. Kellie will be popping up during the set too, and supporting will be Brendan from Teenage Fanclub and BMX Bandits!! That’s on Friday the 14th*

So, last time we were down the coast, we managed to leave behind my case of pedals, which I wasn’t impressed about. I “cracked a ‘nana” (for about 1 minute, then settled down again) – the outcome was that we each have jobs to do from now on. Kellie is in charge of all leads and pedals in “the leads case” – we always leave leads behind at gigs too – and Dean is in charge of getting ALL the gear in the van at the end of the night.

Sounds simple? Well at our two next gigs, last week, UQ and The Breeders, he managed to leave things behind BOTH nights. Good work Dean!

At the bar later he confessed that rather than counting the pieces, he went on “look and feel”. Nice.

Talking of Dean, he got himself his first ever Tattoo last week, it’s a beautiful black arrow on his arm. Very unique, very Dean. He got it done by “some punk guy” at ALL STAR TATTOO in Indooroopilly, and is very pleased with it. The first run went in about 2 weeks, but all of a sudden a second run has been done, and I’ve got a box of ICE PATROL singles on my kitchen table. If you can’t find it in a shop (you should be able to) order it here!!

see y’all at the bar,

tim/kel/Dean/darek/**the family feeder**