Holy shit, these look hot! This is our new Hooded Sweatshirt, if you’re thinking of chasing away those winter blues, do it ‘Feeder style.

Hit the site to find out how to get yr grubby hands on one of these limited edition soft fleecy warm stylish garments! www.screamfeeder.com (or just e mail us back) and don’t forget out Singapore Tour shirts (still a few in the cupboard)

So that’s the merch talk out of the way, some real news:We’re playing live next weekend, the 31st of August, at Brisbane’s Riverstage at QUT. It’s free, it’s all ages, and we play at 8pm. there are tons more great bands, blah blah blah, a great way to start the evening before heading out and getting into trouble.

I think it’s time that we unveiled a few new tunes, so that’s what we’ll do. Darek’s been mixing our new demos at home, and they’re piling up. I keep saying, “dude, tell me when you’re mixing and I’ll come over and give you a hand” but does he?? no he doesn’t.. he doesn’t trust me. Good thing he’s the Prezident, I dare not disobey him.

*Dean – the secret agent
*Darek – the prez
*Kellie – the minister of the interior
*Tim – the ambassador

~ the feeder