Thanks to all who came to the launch gig on the weekend at the Zoo, and thanks to all who participated – we had 17 extra singers onstage for the first ever live performance of “you and me” from the album. It rocked, and we’ll be doing it again.

J Files
Tune into the screamfeeder J files this Saturday at 5.00pm. Remember to ring up and request yr fave feeder tune. The video page is up and running with all our clips available for both dial-up and broadband connections.go see here:

Tim’s coming across for a quick solo run mid November, (see the site for details: ) and will be playing lots of songs off the new album!

We will try and bring the whole band over before the end of the year, promise.

DJ action
Tim and Kellie will both be on the wheels of steel spinning the platters that matter this weekend at Ric’s (Brisbane). Tim from 10.00pm till 0400 hours on Friday night, (Giants of Science are playing, it’s Halloween) and Kellie at the Cheeseboard on Saturday afternoon, 3-6pm.

So if you’re like us and you have fantastic musical taste, get on down.

lotsa love, from all of us, to all of you ~ *tim / dean / kellie / darek / screamfeeder *